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Sub Hunt Categories: water, boats, submarines

Sub Hunt

This battle ship is being commanded by the best captain of history. That brave man is you. You have told that lots of submarines are trying to invade your country. Your mission is to defeat them before they get what they want.

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Pearl Harbour Categories: water, boats, submarines

Pearl Harbour

This is a game based on the true story about the japanese attack to the military wharf Pearl Harbour. This time you will be part of the japanese air force. Bomb the zone and do not let anybody attack you. If you get shot, you die.

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Exxon Categories: water, boats, submarines


This tanker ship had an accident and has spilt lots of barrels of oil in the middle of the ocean. It is a terrible accident and it's polluting all the ships. You have to avoid pass near that zone. You can not be part of that disaster.

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Dwarf on a Wharf Categories: water, boats

Dwarf on a Wharf

Some dwarves have gotten to the city wharf in order to aboard the ship which is going to England. However they were late, so they asked two guys for some help. These people will throw them trying to make them land on the ship.

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Dtunnel Categories: boats


You are like an old sea wolf and you have visited every single ocean on Earth, but this time your experience will not be that useful if you are not able to find the correct way to escape from this strange labirynth.

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Abstract Sea Categories: water, boats, submarines

Abstract Sea

You command a submarine and you are in charge of an important mission. You ought to go sailing and get to the deepest part of the ocean in order to eliminate all of your enemies who want to come over your country.

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